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Party-costumes:  Sister Ursula

Party-costumes: Sister Ursula

Nun Ursula

Carnival-costumes:  Tibetan Monk

Carnival-costumes: Tibetan Monk

Tibetan Monk

Carnival-costumes: Children: Glittershirts and Skirts

Carnival-costumes: Children: Glittershirts and Skirts

Glittershirts and Skirts in 3 colours

Party-costumes:  Disco-shirts

Party-costumes: Disco-shirts

Disco-shirt in Silver of gold

Carnival-costumes:  Priest

Carnival-costumes: Priest


Carnival-costumes:  Medieval Monk

Carnival-costumes: Medieval Monk

Medieval Monk

Fairyscostumes:  Indian wig

Fairyscostumes: Indian wig

Indian wig

Party-costumes:  Charleston black

Party-costumes: Charleston black

luxury Charlestondress (black)

Party-costumes:  Charlestondress

Party-costumes: Charlestondress

luxury Charlestondress

Carnival-costumes:  Dancing Queen

Carnival-costumes: Dancing Queen


Party-costumes:  Sexy Dress

Party-costumes: Sexy Dress

Sexy discodresses in Silver of gold

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