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Carnival-costumes:  Chinese family

Carnival-costumes: Chinese family

Chinese family: Father, mother and Child

Carnival-costumes:  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & Friends

Carnival-costumes: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & Friends

Wolfgang Amadeus for the whole family

Disco-outfit:  Man, woman, Child

Disco-outfit: Man, woman, Child

Disco-outfit for the whole family

Carnival-costumes: Manitou Indian-family

Carnival-costumes: Manitou Indian-family

Manitou-indian-family: costumes for the whole family

Carnival-costumes:  clown

Carnival-costumes: clown

clownscostumes for young and old

Feestcostumes:  Lapps

Feestcostumes: Lapps

Beautiful Lapp-costumes:for Man, woman and kids

Carnival-costumes:  Funny elfs

Carnival-costumes: Funny elfs

Funny elfs for father and son

Carnival-costumes:  Viking-family

Carnival-costumes: Viking-family

Sturdy Vikingcostumes

Carnival-costumes:  Maya the bee

Carnival-costumes: Maya the bee

Maya the bee for mother and daughter

Carnival-costumes:  Clowns-Dungaree

Carnival-costumes: Clowns-Dungaree

Clowns-Dungaree for young and old

Party-costumes: Chinese costumes

Party-costumes: Chinese costumes

Chinese family

Carnival-family: Eskimo-costumes

Carnival-family: Eskimo-costumes

Eskimo-costumes for the whole family

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